Field Notes


  • No stores currently sell doilies, have to make my own! I have a ton of coffee filters I can cut up, I just have to be careful that they don’t look too much like snowflakes

During shooting:

  • Weather: windy, sky looks bleak, hopefully rain holds out
  • Doilies are really flimsy in the wind, really dainty, trying not to rip them as I put them on the dancers
  • Setting up one camera on a tripod, I decided I want more of the garage/cars in the background
  • Olivia Luz, my videographer, is in charge of the second camera for close-ups/different angles
  • I’m in charge of playing the music from the car’s speakers
  • As they dance the doilies get pretty bent up
  • Their knees and feet are getting scratched up from the concrete
  • It’s starting to rain, we have to break a bit to protect the cameras
  • Some dancers find the smiling easy, others feel uncomfortable, especially with the camera in their face
  • It’s starting to pour, we’re shooting the fourth section of the video one level down in the garage
  • I like the lighting on this floor, it gives this section a different mood/aesthetic to compliment the darker text of the voiceover
  • The doilies are getting really bent up, I have to replace them between takes
  • As I watch them perform, I feel so sad, they are all such beautiful, young girls, I hate putting them in this position. It’s really hard to watch.

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