Quotes from Viewer Responses

“Being a bad bitch requires a lot of work, work that you must commit to. The ideal bad bitch seems to know it all, but it reality they probably know nothing.” – Priyanka

“I thought it was hilarious how the narrator was describing how to be a bad bitch in a monotone, computer animated voice.” – Julia

“I think I like the one with the goofy track behind the voice better. It adds another comical layer to the idea. This is important because the movements are really well-executed in that they made me laugh…” – Adam

“The video is eerie because of the mechanical voice and the girls’ stuck-on smiles. There’s a sense of disconnect between the dancers and the text that made me kind of uncomfortable — the kind of discomfort that prompts laughter. It definitely becomes ridiculous once you start listening to the words, but as it keeps going and you notice that the girls are totally unaffected by when the voice is actually saying, it gets a little disturbing. It’s a “how-to” tutorial that literally lists the stupid things that girls do to get themselves noticed by guys…things that go kind of unspoken, but everyone notices them anyway. It seems like the girls could either be representing legitimate examples of these behaviors or are just sort of being forced to demonstrate them by this voice…by men in general?…by society as a whole? Whichever it is, there’s a sense of tragedy that underscores those plastery smiles. This video definitely prompts a ton of questions about femininity and who defines it…”  – Lauren

“I enjoyed the dancers interpretations to the words, but I’m not sure if the doilies on their outfits were supposed to have significance or not. For me, the doilies didn’t add/detract from anything. Just wanted to give you my thoughts on it incase you wanted your audience to get something from them.” – Jackie

“I watched it without the music first, and it really hit me in the gut. The music makes it seem more cutesie. It loses a lot of its bite… I liked it better stark. There might be music that would work well and enhance, but I’m not a huge fan of that music, in part because it is played out. Also, without the music, there’s this great tension between the computer voice and what it’s saying and the painfully fake smiles of the dancers. Once you add in that soundtrack, that tension is lost. Without the music, I found myself paying more attention to the words and thinking about the dancers. With the music, I felt overpowered and paid more attention to the fake smiles of the dancers and that interplay with the music than what the voice over said or what the dancers were doing. So without the music, my gut reaction involves these women as machines (I think that’s what the costumes tell me anyway) adhering to the different rules. And then I think about how women are treated and expected to act in this culture.” – Harmony

“I’m not sure of your intentions with the outfits were, but i really liked the symbolism I found in it. The under layer was all black to represent the sin and bad-bitchness and the thin white snowflakes represent the superficial niceness or politeness, that couples nicely with the music.” – Marissa

“My initial reaction is sadness… I like the juxtaposition of the happy music with the voice over. It reflects and extends the irony of the smile. Also, both videos make this seem like an advertisement, or a tutorial. Combined with the sexual content of the lyrics, the piece as a whole refers to more than being a bad bitch, but the relinquishment of innocence, body, and it shifts the ideology and expectation of the “‘respected woman”. In other words, the girls give up their sexual innocence to gain acceptance into the “bad bitch” framework.” – Julio

“This piece works with the feminist re-appropriation of the term “bitch” & all of the cultural connotations of the phrase “bad bitch”; it uses a detached narration to highlight a number of flaws in whichever text is being worked with here–whether it’s the artist’s or another’s–primarily those which demote the role of “bad bitch” to subordinate.  Everything described defines the bad bitch in terms of the male.  Every aspect of a bad bitch’s character is solidified by her ability to please others, not necessarily herself.  In this way, the bad bitch is not “bad” at all, perhaps more or less just the helpless female that patriarchal discourse would readily label “bitch.” The video works in two ways, the first, putting emphasis on the individual woman.  It is perhaps the only realm of the project which gives a “voice”–if you will–to actual women.  Instead of rebelling against the content described, however, these women follow in accordance, acting out poses which relegate them to the sphere of passivity.  They are objects.  In the forum they are given, they choose not to pursue their own wants or desires.  They are prime examples of the pseudo “bad bitch” the narration describes. The additional musical component detracts from the intended message of the video by too overtly ironizing the content of the voiceover.  I think the silence, additionally, adds the perfect amount of awkwardness & creates a wonderful tension.  There’s an aspect to the pauses that is really so brilliant.  Also, the song lends itself to a comedy which is of a different style.  I think it’s a bit too low-brow because this video is very truly so funny but it’s funny in a way that I’d never laugh out loud about it.  Just smile to myself.”
– Cassandra


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